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Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat With Measurements Baking Sheet Liner 10 ¼"x11 ¼" Cookware Bakeware Make Cookies With Fast-Cooling Kitchenware Complimentary Downloadable E-Book of 20 Cookie Recipes

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  • • COOLS in 60 seconds after removal from oven, and can go directly from freezer to oven
  • • LESS browning and burning on the bottom of baked goods. Fish will not stick or tear when baked on a non-stick silicone baking mat
  • • MEASURING guides in standard and metric units. Roll out dough and make cookies in uniform sizes with circle templates and measurements along mat borders. Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversion guide
  • • ECONOMICAL and eco-friendly. Reuse up to 2,000 times and save money on single-use parchment paper and non-stick cooking sprays
  • • FLEXIBLE non-toxic FDA approved food grade silicone contains no BPA. Store flat or rolled up

Professional bakers have been using silicone baking mats for years

Non-stick silicone baking mats go from freezer to oven, and produce delicious foods without the use of extra oils. They minimize browning and burning on the bottoms of baked goods, which also relieves you from scraping baked-on leftovers from baking sheets and pans. With the convenient measurement templates on our non-stick silicone baking mat you, too, can prepare consistently proportioned, professional-looking dishes

Cost-saving and environmentally friendly

Parchment paper can only be used once and then it has to be discarded, so you would have to keep replacing it. Our silicone non-stick baking mat is durable enough to be used as many as 2,000 times before needing replaced. You can also remove cooking sprays from your shopping list

Make a little, or make a lot

Use one mat to make a single batch of cookies or dinner for two. Fit four of our silicone baking mats into a standard-size oven with two racks, and make enough cookies for your child's homeroom class

Our non-stick baking mat is made of flexible, easy-to-maintain food grade silicone

There are no harmful toxins or BPA. Our mat is dishwasher safe, or you can wash it by hand with dish detergent. It stores flat or you can roll it up, so it requires minimal storage space

Add our silicone non-stick baking mat to your cart today and receive a complimentary downloadable e-book of delicious cookie recipes to get you started

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