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Unicorn Poop Cookie Cutter - Create Your Own Magical Rainbow Unicorn Colored Poo Shaped Cookies with Your Favorite Recipes (3 inches, Stainless Steel)

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  • MAKE YOUR OWN UNICORN POOP: Did you know that unicorns poop rainbows that taste like cookies? It's true! This cookie cutter will let you make some of the tasty poo on your own with no unicorn required.
  • POOP EMOJI SHAPE: Inspired by the loveable emojis, this is the number one cookie cutter shaped like a number two!
  • BAKE UP A LITTLE MAGIC: Combine this unicorn poop cookie cutter with dough made from one of your favorite sugar cookie recipes and finish with icing to make hilarious cookies for unicorn themed party fun
  • LONG-LASTING: This may be a poo shaped cookie cutter, but it's certainly not crappy! It's constructed out of the finest quality metal, so it can stand the test of time without rusting or bending
  • FUNNY GIFT IDEA: Give one as a present for any occasion! Who wouldn't want to make their own rainbow unicorn poop cookies? Great for bento box lunches too!
Unicorns aren't just a legend!

They're as real as you and me, but they prefer to never be seen by human eyes. These majestic horned horses only come out at night when they know everyone is fast asleep. Then, they frolic through neighborhoods around the globe, basking in the moonlight.

In the morning, the only signs that they've left behind are the scatterings of pixie dust produced by their sweet-smelling farts and the piles of colorful rainbow poo they deposit in our yards. Rainbow unicorn poop is a rare delicacy that few humans will ever get to sample, but those who do swear that it tastes as sweet as a delicious cookie!

Although you may never be lucky enough to find real unicorn poop in your fairy garden, you can now get the next best thing! With the Unicorn Poop Cookie Cutter - Sandwich Cutter, it's finally possible to produce your own rainbow unicorn poop without having to capture one of the elusive horned beasts.

Measuring 3" by 3" by 3/4" in size, the Unicorn Poop Cookie Cutter is shaped like a lovable poop emoji and can be used to cut batter made with all types of cookie cutter recipe into a unicorn poop shape. After baking, you can finish the unicorn poop cookies with rainbow colored frosting and then serve them to friends and family! Everyone is sure to agree that you're number one for baking them cookies shaped like a unicorn's number two!

Durably crafted, the Unicorn Poop Cookie Cutter is a must have for baking for unicorn themed parties and is a fun gag gift to give to anyone with a kooky sense of humor who loves to bake. Order one now and bring the magic of unicorns to your kitchen without any worry of pixie dust farts making everything a mess.

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