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Abhiasa Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set - 2 Mugs (16 Oz) + 2 Shot Glasses (2 Oz) + 2 Straws (6,5 in) - All components made of 100% Solid Copper - Perfect for Cocktails and Cold Drinks

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  • 100% PURE COPPER - ICE COLD. Our Moscow mule mugs are made of pure copper, both inside and outside, that's why they will frost up in mere seconds. Drinking drinks with ice from these bar mugs is a real pleasure.
  • BONUSES INCLUDED IN THE KIT. The kit contains: 2 copper mule mugs 16 oz volume, 2 copper Shot Glasses, 2 oz volume for extremely precise and simple cocktails making, as well as 2 copper straws, 6.5 inches long - drinking cocktails will be much more pleasant and comfortable.
  • STYLISH DESIGN AND HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Copper cups are shiny and look just great with their rounded shape and corrugated surface. A really stylish and beautiful mug, that will decorate any celebration. A comfortable handle, large enough volume (16 Oz) and no stitches on our copper mugs - an extremely well-thought out construction. A smooth edge on our Moscow mule cups lets you drink the cocktail comfortably, even without a straw.
  • HANDMADE. Our Moscow mule copper mugs are made by masters with lots of experience. An ordinary leaf of pure copper in the hands of a master turns into a real masterpiece. The creation of each mug takes nearly 2 days. Hand work is so delicate that in the end, two completely similar cups can't exist. For the lovers of high-quality and unique things.
  • BEST GIFT FOR FRIENDS. A great gift idea for your friends. Our cocktail mug is ideal for chilled beer, iced coffee, iced tea, cool citrus drinks, and any vodka, gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey mixed drinks. Additionally, many experts tout the benefits of drinking water from a 100% copper glass.

When you choose Abhiasa Moscow Mule Copper Mugs you get:


A high-quality and beautiful mug for the best cocktails you've ever had in your life - that's Moscow Mule Copper Mugs.

The 100% cooper that our solid copper mugs are made of cools in a few seconds and you can enjoy a fresh cocktail with ice from a pleasantly cooling mug.

The kit includes:

  • 2 big (16 Oz) rounded copper mugs with a corrugated surface.
  • 2 copper shot glasses. They are great for drinking shots or to use for measuring when making cocktails.
  • 2 copper straws for cocktails, 6.5 inches long, which complete the mugs ideally and are very comfortable for drinking long alcohol and non-alcohol drinks and cocktails.

Home bar accessories from Abhiasa look stylish; that's why they'll become a real decoration in your kitchen. The high-quality construction lets you comfortably hold the mug in your hand, without spilling anything. Maximum comfort when drinking cocktails with ice.

As Moscow mule copper mugs are made of pure copper, copper oxidation is possible. To use these bar accessories for a long time, you have to dry them after every wash. While washing, use a soft sponge and special copper cream or high-quality detergent. Copper is a sturdy and durable material, which can be used for a very long time if cared for correctly.

Makes a great gift for your friends - give them the Moscow mule copper mug set. Your friends will love an original, stylish and useful gift and you'll be able to test these cocktail supplies together during a party or dinner at home.

Click "Buy" right now. The best price for the fullest bar supply kit for original Moscow mule mugs.

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