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Ammaze 10-in-1 fruit plant salad maker multi functional kitchen tool, set of 10 fruit vegetable juicer squeezer cutter masher grinder and slicer best for apple lemon grapefruit avocado and citrus.

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  • IDEAL FOR FRUIT SALADS, COCKTAILS & SMOOTHIES. Best Grapefruit Squeezer - Lemon Squeezer - Grater - Mesh Cutter - Apple Cutter - Citrus Cutter - Masher - Avocado Scooper, and comes with a bowl and 3 Picks
  • SAVE MONEY AND SPACE IN STYLE NOW. No need to spend money on 10 different tools. Stop worrying about where to store your Ammaze kitchen tool. Our flowerpot-shaped tool combines intelligent shape colors and ergonomic design making it a decorative item with space-saving potentials.
  • FUNCTIONAL & DECORATIVE FOR GIFTS. The design is simple yet stylish. Ideal for a wedding gift - housewarming gift - kitchen starter set - during holiday season.
  • MUST-HAVE kitchen gadgets for fast access to all the vitamins and nutrients stored in fruits and vegetables.
  • BUY NOW to take advantage of the best price. At Ammaze we pride ourselves by offering premium quality products so if you are not completely satisfied just let us know, and return the product for a full refund. We will send you a complimentary receipt ebook when you buy today
10-in-1 CREATIVE KITCHEN PLANT PICKS: 5 Pick for fruit. MASHER: Mash the ingredients in the bowl. AVOCADO SCOOP: Take the divided avocado out cleanly as a whole. CITRUS CUTTER: Peels ofF citrus HOLDER RACK Insert those Picks, Masher, Avocado Scoop and Citrus Cutter into it for convenient storage. APPLE CUTTER: It can cut an apple into 8 equal parts at the same time. MESH CUTTER: Used to cut soft fruits like kiwifruits,strawberries and bananas into threadlet. GRATER: It can pulverize apples,fresh ginger and peels off citrus. LEMON SQUEEZER: Used to squeeze juice form small fruit of citrus kind like lemons. GRAPEFRUIT SQUEEZER: It squeezes juice from big fruit like grapefruits. BOWL: Used to place lemon squeezer, grapefruit squeezer, grater and mesh cutter, and it can be used together with the masher to mash the ingredient.

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