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7 Pack - Food Prep Containers (1 Compartment) - Take Healthy & Delicious Lunches To Work All Week

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  • SUPER STACKABLE! - Fighting for fridge space is a thing of the past with our pack of 7 food prep containers, storing your lunch at home or at work couldn't be easier!
  • COMPLETELY LEAK-PROOF! - We've all experienced the nightmare of our lunch leaking in our bag after all the hard work we put into meal prep! Now you can say goodbye to leaky containers and hello to our completely leak proof containers!
  • DISHWASHER SAFE! - With a container for every day of the week, it would be exhausting to hand wash them all. We've designed our containers to be durable and dishwasher safe, so they'll be ready to use again in no time!
  • MICROWAVABLE! - Eating your lunch on the go wouldn't be complete without being able to use the office microwave! Our set of 7 containers are microwave safe and won't soften after heating.
  • REUSABLE! - Made from the best quality, durable plastic, each container is reusable and perfect for quick everyday use. The single compartment makes it easy to put carbohydrates, proteins and veg altogether to minimise hassle!

Meal prep is a great way to stick to your eating plan whilst on the go, especially if you have special dietary needs such as gluten free or dairy free. It's not always easy to pick up suitable items in the shops, so preparing your own meals and storing them in our food prep containers is the perfect solution! It's also great if you follow a vegetarian, vegan or paleo meal plan, as you can be confident that your food contains the nutrients you need and avoid falling off the healthy eating wagon!


With healthy eating, it can be tempting to follow your plan during the week, but have the weekend off for cheat meals. Although this may work for some, we havee created a pack of 7 containers to help you continue your routine and take your lunches and snacks with you wherever you go. A container for every day of the week means you'll always have one to hand to fill with delicious food of your choice!


Our containers are designed to be hassle free and completely portable. They are made from the best quality durable plastic, with specially shaped lids that click all the way round to prevent leaking and allow you to easily stack several containers together.

Washing each container by hand just isn't something you want to do, especially if you have got a busy gym schedule! To make your life easier, each container is dishwasher and microwave safe, allowing you to quickly wash and reuse them over and over again. If you need reliable storage for your meals, look no further! Add a set of 7 Food Prep Containers to your cart now!


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