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Artisanal Insulated Japanese Cotton "Orbs/Fireworks" Tea Cozy - Last Medium Cozy

Artisanal Insulated Japanese Cotton "Orbs/Fireworks" Tea Cozy - Last Medium Cozy

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I found a pre-cut last piece of this top selling Japanese fireworks fabric in the bottom of a bin of pre-cut things to sew, so the lucky winner gets my last (or so I believe) Medium cozy in this gorgeous fabric. I've tried to re-order it by the bolt but it is discontinued and impossible to find on line. First choose the size that is right for you and you will find a size chart in the second photo of this listing. Fireworks are one of my many "one weaknesses", so I felt doubly lucky when I came across this gorgeous Japanese print that has such a magical feel about it with the metallic gold laced through it. It literally took my breath away. When I saw the bolt I bought all of it. Lined with coordinating %100 black cotton the cozy has a double layer of sufficient insulation that will keep your pot hot for some hours. It's amazing how useful a cozy is, to keep that tea hot! This is an indispensable item for English households and if you are a tea gourmand you might like to add one to yours, or offer it as a gift to someone you know who loves to make tea in a pot, loose leaf or tea bags, it does not matter A little matching gold metallic topknot gives a little boost of personality to the cozy in traditional tea cozy fashion. If you don't want the gold top knot, and prefer black cotton let me know. Made from best quality cotton this cozy is thermally insulated to keep your tea pot nice and warm. This is an indispensable item for anyone English, for tea gourmands.

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