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Chill-O Stainless Steel Combo Chillers Set Of 16 Whiskey Stones Whiskey Chillers

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  • ✔Collector's Item The Chill-O Stainless Steel Rocks are a magnificent addition to your collection. They are a creative alternative for ice cubes to chill your drinks. Not only this, their unique bullet shape makes them a novelty at parties.
  • ✔ Only Chilling. 100% Original Flavor Each drink is unique in its flavor and experience. A whiskey drinker of distinguished taste as yourself will not want their special drinks to be corrupted by water from melting ice. These steel rocks will do just that, chill your drink to a degree of perfection without affecting its flavor.
  • ✔ Pouch and Tongs for Easy Use The Rocks come with a beautiful pouch that can be carried anywhere you go. In fact, the attractive pouch is designed in a way to make this set of rocks a great gift item. They also come with a set of tongs that will make it easy to pick and drop the rocks in drinks.
  • ✔ Any Drink. Any Glass. Any Occasion Whether you are enjoying a quiet drink alone at your home, or partying with friends, the steel rocks are an excellent addition to any occasion. They serve as the perfect conversation starter to get the party started.
  • ✔ Quick Chilling. Quick Cleaning The addition of a couple of these rocks will chill your drinks in no time. After use, a simple rinse in the kitchen is all that is needed to clean them. Place them back in the freezer and you have them ready before another session of drinks.
Chill your favorite drinks, whether it is vodka, whiskey, or any other liquor, without diluting it. Enjoy your drink at just the right temperature like you have always wanted. The set consists of a combination of 4 square cubes, 4 small balls, 4 diamonds, and 4 bullets made of FDA approved, food-grade stainless steel. Different chillers work differently. The larger the size of the chiller the longer and cooler it will keep the drink. So, use accordingly The variety of chillers in the combo box will leave your party guests impressed with your sophisticated taste. The pack also includes a pair of slip-free tongs that will make handling these cold chillers so much easier. All the goodies with a compact bag, which makes it easier to store the chillers after use.

Directions: Keep the chillers in the freezer at least an hour before you intend to use them Wash the chillers thoroughly before and after each use Dimensions: Square: 27mm Small ball: 25mm Diamond: 27x30mm Bullets: 45mm

Contents of the Pack: This pack contains 4 stainless steel cubes, 4 stainless steel balls, 4 stainless steel diamonds, and 4 stainless steel bullets, a pair of slip-free tongs and a pouch, all packed in a nice gift box

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