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Crazy Dave's Matcha, Handcrafted Nagoya Matcha Bowl, Tea Ceremony Chawan, Tenmoku Glaze Edition, 300 Ml (10 Ounces), Dark Brown with a Single Hand Brushed White Swirl Painted on the Outside.

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  • CRAZY SIZE. A full 10 ounces, (actually 10.14 ounces to be exact). That's 300 ml of awesomeness. Plenty of room to make sure your matcha stays inside the bowl when you whisk... and not on your shirt!
  • CRAZY AUTHENTIC. Handcrafted, premium tenmoku glaze edition, earthy dark brown with a single hand brushed white swirl painted on the outside.
  • CRAZY LOOK & FEEL. This Japanese matcha bowl design is hip and classic. If the Fonz drank matcha, he would use this bowl.
  • CRAZY SALE PRICE. These matcha bowls sells for twice this price off of Amazon!
  • CRAZY GUARANTEE. Either you are crazy in love with this matcha ceremony bowl or return it for a full refund.
Crazy Dave Here.

How you drink your matcha is almost as important to the matcha quality itself.

Which is why I put so much time and effort testing tons (ok, last I checked a ton is like 2,000 pounds, so perhaps this is a slight exaggeration...), of matcha bowls before selecting this gem of a bowl just for you.

Well not really just for you, because unlike most sellers on amazon.. I actually use the stuff I sell.

In fact, I am crazy in love with them!

So in reality I created it for us :)

Crazy Dave's Crazy Matcha Bowl Standards:

1. Must be authentic hand crafted match bowl (check)

2. Must be full size 300 ml (that's 10.14 ounces to you and me) bowl to ensure the matcha stays in the bowl when you whisk, and not on your shirt (oh yeah, say goodbye to small bowls and stained t-shirts)

3. Must be priced low enough so that almost anyone can afford the experience of drinking matcha from a ceremonial matcha bowl, without compromising quality (got you covered baby)

4. Must be easy to clean (this bowl is dishwasher safe, but all you need is a quick rinse and you're good to go, you're time should be spent drinking from the bowl; not cleaning it!)

5. Must look and feel crazy amazing! (c'mon, what's my name? this bowl is so crazy awesome you will be tempted to drink everything out of it.... everything tastes better in this matcha bowl!)

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