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Epica 12" Nonstick Electric Griddle & Crepe Maker, Also Great for Pancakes, Flatbreads, Burgers, Bacon & More

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  • THE IDEAL SIZE FOR FLAWLESS CREPES: The 12-inch cooking surface provides ample room for cooking everything from pancakes and bacon to burgers and grilled sandwiches while being compact enough to store within handy reach.
  • DIAL IN THE PERFECT COOKING TEMPERATURE: You can't cook everything at the same temperature and expect stellar results, so Epica gives you 1200 watts f power with 5 different temperature control settings for ultimate control.
  • RUBBER FEET PROVIDE MAXIMUM STABILITY: Safety is critical, especially when dealing with hot surfaces. That's why the fet on this griddle are covered in extra-safe non-slip rubber.
  • HEATS EVENLY FOR SUPERB BROWNING: The fast heating, non-stick aluminum surface heats up evenly in no tim never any hot or cold spots that can lead to uneven cooking.
  • EXCLUSIVE 3-YEAR WARRANTY: If your new griddle fails to perform, you are completely covered for a full three yearer spreader and spatula are included with your purchase.
If you were always afraid to try making crepes or blintzes at home, the Epica is your answer. With a nonstick surface, precision temperature control and the essential tools right in the box, you can turn out paper-thin, perfectly golden crepes just like the pros!

Fast-Heating, Nonstick Aluminum
Sturdy yet lightweight, the aluminum heats up in just a couple of minutes; you'll know it's at temperature when the ON indicator light changes from red to green. And when your crepes, pancakes and English muffins are cooked, they lift right off the nonstick finish without sticking or burn spots.

12" (30cm) Diameter Flat Cooking Surface Sized for Traditional French Crepes
This useful size also lets you cook 4 pancakes, eggs or burgers at once. Plus, it's perfectly flat so bacon, tortillas, pitas and other traditional flatbreads cook evenly all over instead of having underdone spots from the curved edges of a frypan.

Adjustable Temperature Control
This multi-tasking griddle lets you set the right temperature control for whatever food you're making. While you cook, the ON light will go on and off as the thermostat maintains the exact temperature you selected.

Batter Spreader, Spatula and Instructions Included
The Epica comes with the tools and information you need to get started on your first crepe immediately. The wooden spreader is the secret to getting the batter uniformly thin so that it will cook evenly. The spatula makes it easy to lift and flip the crepe (and is also used for spreading some traditional flatbreads). The owner's manual walks you through the process step by step.

3-Year Warranty
Constructed of quality materials and electronics, the Epica Nonstick Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker is reliable, easy to use and easy to clean. Your satisfaction with its performance is guaranteed by a full replacement warranty.

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