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FIGO INC ® 100% Pure copper hammered Moscow Mule mugs Set of 4

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  • 100% pure copper hammered no nickel or stainless steel, These mugs are the real deal - drink, as it was meant the Moscow Mule, with a Handcrafted Pure copper cup be enjoyed.
  • The pure copper transmits an icy experience directly to the lips, and cool the metal locks in the drink. The inside of the shell unlined and made of 100% pure copper, so that some oxidation may occur, we recommend any copper cleanser cream with your mug to keep looking like new.
  • Our copper cup is well suited for chilled beer, iced coffee, iced tea and Any vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey drinks Or. Tout In addition, many experts the benefits of drinking water, 100% copper Drinkware. The generous 16 oz size is the right amount of your drink and ice, without adhering to spills.
  • Make your kitchen really Hammered Copper undress luster cups in the kitchen and impress your friends. The shiny copper exterior mica Wherever it is placed, and it is the perfect Staple for the host or party-thrower. These cups are held by outside Lacquered Lustre and take a long time, unlike other cups. Beautiful yet functional! Hand wash recommended.
  • FIGO INC is the only authorised dealer. Sellers such as QUBIC INC, VANDUE and shabd gift store are selling counterfeit itemsMug comes in set 4
Copper cup helps Moscow Mule and other beverages feel great to make cooling in the hot summer. The cold metal is very effective in the cold temperature of each liquid insulating, particularly suitable for summer drinking and heat deflecting from sun.Copper has a very high thermal conductivity so that the cold from your Mule will fly into the hands, lips and neck at an astonishing rate. It feels exactly as the icy beverage. This is not possible to obtain, which have become a high ball glass.And copper cup an essential ingredient for Moscow Mule. So many people claimed that the Mule made them at home not feel right as seen in bars, and found the copper cups, the source that was.

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