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GAC Unique Designed 6 Inch Scalloped Tempered Glass Small Round Dessert Plates Set of 8 - Unbreakable - Chip Resistant - Oven/Microwave Safe - Dishwasher Safe - Stackable Gold Party Plates Cake Plates

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  • PLATES ARE 6" ROUND, SET OF 8, that's why these party plates, dessert plates, cakes plates, and serving plates are the perfect choice for you! Thick glass, yet lightweight for easy passing, 6"round small dessert plate.
  • BREAK AND CHIP RESISTANCE FOR CARFREE DURABILITY, serve in glass plates worry free, especially with little ones around.
  • MICROWAVE AND OVEN USE FOR VERSATILITY; DISHWASHER SAFE, with these gold plates you won't make extra pots and pans dirty, you can slide these serving plates into the oven and microwave up to 350 degrees and take it straight to the table. Perfect for hot desserts. No hand washing required.
  • STACK ABILITY FOR CUPBOARD SPACE EFFICIENCY, PERFECT SOLUTION FOR SMALL KITHCEN SPACE scalloped plates like these take up much less space than your typical dinnerware set.
  • 100% GUARANTEED, FOR BEST RESULTS use with our matching unbreakable, oven safe plates, glass trays, platters, and glass dishes. Like this gold trim plate set, we offer many party plates and dessert plates in more sizes and styles.

✓ This tempered glass serving plate lets you enjoy the experience of hosting friends and family because of its great product features. It's a 6 inch round plate with a gold trim and elegant design.

✓ The gold plate is ever so practical and easy to use. You can warm up food on it in the microwave and oven, (yes it's oven and micro proof) for quick and clean serving and the glass dishes are dishwasher safe, no hand washing is required. You'll have less pots and pans dirty! You can warm up slices of cake in each decorative plate and serve it hot immediately after.

✓ GAC tempered glass scalloped plates won't take up too much room in your cupboard since it has stack ability. The glass plates keep your cupboards organized and take up much less room than your typical dinnerware sets.

✓ It has a decorative gold trim that will enhance your table and your guests will love the way you host them! You'll ease your burden and find yourself feeling carefree with more patience to entertain and best of all, you'll stay with a clean and organized kitchen!

✓ Great American Classics only manufactures products that are built to last, last, last. We settle for no quality that's less than 100%. These glass dessert plates are exclusively designed and produced by our manufacturers. Enjoy!!

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