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Handmade/Mouth-blown Whiskey Nosing Glasses Glencairn Style Set of 4 Presented in an Elegant Designer Classic-black Gift-box. Size 4.6" x 2.5" 6.25 oz.

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  • Wide Bowl: Optimal for swirling your whiskey which allows you to visually assess and appreciate the magnificent natural colors present in your whiskeys. Swirling also helps aerate the delicious bouquet of aromas in advance of the next phase of the appreciation experience--the nosing. Maybe best of all, a wide bowl and heavy base is fabulous for guarding against the loss of any precious liquid caused by the inevitable spills after having consumed a skosh more than wisdom would advise.
  • Tapper Mouth Opening: The tulip shape of the Glencairn glass fabulously concentrates the sensual aromatic notes of your favorite whiskey whether that be a Bourbon, Canadian, Irish, Rye, Scotch, the narrow opening giving the greatest pleasure and appreciation from your nosing.
  • Hand-blown Glass: From the ancient art of about 50 B.C., also known as mouth-blown glass, means that each piece is individually created, truly making these one-of-a-kind with varying characteristics imbedded into the glass. These Glencairn nosing glasses will be the hit of any party and make for interesting conversation within your social circles, as well as being a wonderful addition to your barware collection.
  • Premium Gift-box: This elegant and designer classic-black gift-box is sturdily constructed with a black velvet covered EVA material insert to securely protect your glasses when not being used.
  • Sure to Please: You can be assured that your friends, family colleagues, boss and that very special love-one will greatly appreciate receiving this gift for any occasion. Or, treat yourself to this set of quality glasses-just because. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Get your Glencairn set of 4 today at the holiday discount price of $41.95, reduced from the retail price of $59.95.Brought to you by Del Rey Glassware; a U.S. family owned company. "Quality fit for a King."
  • Designed and crafted from the genius minds of some of the world's greatest master blenders,
    the Glencairn style glass stands alone as the finest receptacle for nosing whiskeys.
  • This set of 4 glasses are especially desirable because the glasses are created from the ancient
    art of hand-blow, also known as mouth-blown glass, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • The glasses are 6.25 fluid oz. lead-free, and it is recommended that these glasses be hand-washed,
    though machine washing will not damage them in any way.
  • Presented in a beautifully appointed classic-black gift-box, this exquisite set of Glencairn whiskey
    nosing glasses will make for a very special and unique gift to anyone on your holiday shopping list, or as a gift for
    a birthday, anniversary, New Year's Eve celebration...
  • This set is brought to you by Del Rey Glassware, a family owned and operated U.S. company
    where we strive to provide quality glassware at exceptional prices. "Quality Fit for a King."
  • Get a set or 2 today at the holiday discounted price of $41.95,reduced from the retail price of $59.95.
    Limited time offer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Please click on the images provided above to learn more about the Glencairn and make them part of your personal collection today.

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