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Hong Kong Egg Waffle Maker by StarBlue - White - Make Hong Kong Style Bubble Egg Waffle in 5 minutes

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  • NON-STICK COATING PLATE - The state of the art non-stick coating plate is specially designed for the ease of the customers. It allows for easy waffle release and easy cleaning after every cooking process. You will not experience any time wasting in removing hard stains off the plate neither would the release of the cooked item be an issue.
  • NON-SLIPPING FEET - The impressive non-slipping cooking plate surface holds the cooked egg waffle in place without letting it slip. The incredible feature keeps the entire mixture in place throughout the cooking process. Even when the Egg Waffle Maker is reversed, the protective non-slipping feature holds the food tight and steady.
  • 180 DEGREE FLIP - The cutting edge 180 degree Flip feature allows for easy reversing and titling of the Egg Waffle Maker. The machine stays steady in the exact position regardless of it being flipped over in other directions.
  • OVERHEAT PROTECTION - The Egg Waffle Maker has an extraordinary overheating protective system. It guards the machine from being overheated and automatically halts the cooking process, protecting the egg waffles and the machine from burning and damaging.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - StarBlue offer an astonishing 100% money back guarantee in 2 months. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the Egg Waffle Maker, you can return the machine to us within 2 months and get your money back.
POWER& READY LIGHT - The remarkable double light feature is the ideal indicator when using the Egg Waffle Maker. The red light signals the power transmission to the machine while the green light indicates the heating of the machine and preparation of the waffle. Once the waffle is ready, the green light will turn off itself.

COOL TOUCH HANDLE - The innovative Cool Touch lid handle, shields the user from touching the hot metal of the Egg Waffle Maker. It protects their hands and fingers from enduring any burns from accidently touching the handle.

HOLD-TIGHT LOCKING - The notable hold tight locking of the handle of the Egg Waffle Maker protects the mixture from leaking out and also protects the egg waffles from drifting apart. It keeps the entire cooked material steady and in perfect position.


1. It is advisable to cover the entire cooking plate of Egg Waffle Maker with cooking oil. The spreading of cooking oil will assist in easy removing of the egg waffle, once it is cooked/prepared.

2. Pour the already prepared mixture on the cooking plate but only to 70% of its full capacity.

3. Swiftly close the upper lid by locking it with the bottom housing carefully.

4. Immediately reversing the entire unit by evenly holding the heating handle.

5. Let the Egg Waffle Maker cook between the length of 3-8 minutes until the egg waffle starts to change its color to golden.

6. When the egg waffle's surface becomes hard, kindly use a wooden or plastic spatula to lift it out of the Egg Waffle Maker.

7. Once the waffle is taken out, you would need to allow it to cool down or put it in front of a fan for faster cooling. This would help in making your tasty waffle crispy.

8. The egg waffle is ready to be served now.

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