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Kihappy Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Loose Tea Food Strainers with Handle for Kitchen Use Utensil, Silver, Set of 3

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  • This product is the New packaging,Stainless steel for endurance and longevity; Rust-resistant material will last over time
  • 3" Ideal size to sift small amounts of dried ingredients, spices or sugar.
  • EASY STACK & STORE OR HANG - You can stack and store these fine mesh strainers, or hang them in the kitchen for that perfect, professional kitchen appearance.
  • For Quinoa / Rice / Flour Spaetzle / Pasta / Chips, Fruit Juice Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Tea Recipes and Soup Recipes.
  • 100% SATISFACTION LIFETIME GUARANTEE! - Kihappy products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If ever needed, customer service agents are ready to help.
This product is the New packaging,Strainers are an essential tool in any busy kitchen; not only can they be used for straining pasta, but they can be used for a variety of tasks such as rinsing grains and beans, and fruits and straining pasta, rice, lentils, jams, lumpy sauces and any other food preparation. This strainer features a sturdy outer framework and handle.The concave net catches food items securely while releasing water, oil and other residue.The smooth, polished steel ring rests evenly atop bowls and pots so that you can multi-task while your food drains and strains,So you can't miss it.

1.Top quality fine mesh makes this strainer set as ideal for skimming light stock & fruit pulp as it is for draining super heavy loads of pasta and other weighty food materials.
2.Strong stainless steel construction combined with an attractive stylish look makes these fine mesh strainers perfect for both professional kitchen performance and optimal kitchen appearance.
3.Convenient hanging holes on each of the fine mesh strainers make for quick and easy storage / access, on home and commercial kitchen storage racks.
4. Long handles on these worry-free stainless steel fine mesh strainers leave you assured that these strainers are as safe in a dishwasher as they are over a burning stove.

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