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Kitchenaire - Set of 9 Whiskey Rocks and Wine Cooling Stones in Box Made with Pure Soapstones. Includes Cooling Bag For Wine Rocks and Whiskey Stones

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  • Includes 9 Grey FDA Approved Whiskey And Wine Stones Made from Natural Soapstone
  • Cool Your Drink with No Dilution
  • Preserve the Taste of your premium whiskey or wine
  • Place in your freezer for just 2 hours and enjoy
Kitchenaire Whiskey and Wine stones is the number one choice for true whiskey and wine lovers alike.
They easily take care of the issue all enthusiast run into when mixing their premium spirits with ice which quickly dilutes the taste and feel of your beverage making your purchase a waste.
Our whiskey and wine stones create the perfect cooling situation ridding you from ever using ice again. Enjoy your favorite drink how it was meant to be.
Kitchenaire stones do not bring along any extra tastes or odors to the drink.
Unlike other cheap soap stones that are available these are premium quality and FDA APPROVED.
Each set contains 9 premium quality soap stones with travel sized cooling bag. Simply place your stones in the bag and put in the freezer until you are ready to enjoy.
We recommend at least 2 hours for a chilled experience. Use: Please rinse under warm or cool water before first usage then place in your freezer until the stones are cooled to a desired temperature.
We recommend at least two or three stones per drink. Make sure your drink covers the stones completely and let stones cool drink for at least 2 minutes.
After use, remember to rinse and allow the stones to dry before returning them to your freezer. These stones are in no way chew-able.
Please handle stones with care when placing in glasses. Kitchenaire Whiskey and Wine stones will not cool your drink as fast or as much as ice.
These stones will cool your drink between 8-20 degrees and of course protect the natural taste of the drink.

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