LifEast plaid Kitchen Collection Dish Towels - Set of 3 in one package (1, blue)

  • $16.25

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  • Fabric content:100%cotton
  • Strong and durable but won't irritate tender skin
  • Perfect as general, all-purpose working towel for the kitchen and throughout the home
  • Each towel measures 15.7 inch *23.6 inch perfect size for everyday use
  • Machine wash and tumble dry low
br>Product Description:
Energize your kitchen with these vibrant Fecido Dish Towels.
These Classic Kitchen Towels are extremely absorbent and decorative multitaskers they will add cheer to any occasion and will last for a lifetime.
Multi Fuction:
Commercial Grade, Appropriate for use in Bathroom, Kitchen, Cloth Towels, Nursery ,Tea Towelsand ,Edge Table Runner and Cleaning

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