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Mexican Origins PreSeasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan Set

Mexican Origins PreSeasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan Set

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  • Pan and trivet set serves easy, fun fajita meals; recipes included
  • Heavyweight cast iron for high heats and superior temperature retention
  • Slanted sides pool liquids to intensify flavors and create steam
  • Long handle for one-handed carrying
  • Rich wood trivet protects tables and gives polished presentation"
  • Rich wood trivet protects tables and gives polished presentation
Everyone loves the spectacle of sizzling fajitas arriving at the table in a rainbow of color and a cloud of steam. With the Mexican Origins Fajita Platter Sizzler Set, preparing and serving this fun meal is an easy operation. Crafted of sturdy, heavyweight cast iron, the stovetop - and oven-safe pan is well suited to high heats and retains its temperature over long periods, so food cooks quickly then stays hot all through mealtime. The vessel's low, slanted sides pool liquids inside to intensify flavors and create the signature steam, and the sturdy handle allows for one-handed transportation. Set the pan on its richly colored wood trivet for a polished, table-safe presentation where diners can share from the communal pan or have several fajita sets on hand for personalized service. One care note: Cast iron needs to be seasoned before use, but then offers a lifetime of natural nonstick service with minimal maintenance needed. A recipe/care book is included. Our fajita sizzler is made of natural cast iron, the authentic and age-old cookware material most preferred for Mexican-style cuisine. The wooden trivet protects your tabletop when serving sizzling fajitas, and adds a decorative touch to your table. This set is ideal for serving and stovetop grilling your favorite meat.
USING YOUR CAST IRON COOKWARE: Before cooking, lightly oil the surface, and preheat over low to medium heat for 60-90 seconds. Preheating prepares the surface and allows the food to cook more evenly without sticking. Repeat before each use. Please make sure that you lift the cookware to move across glass or ceramic surfaces. The cooking vessel is oven safe to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. NEVER USE IN A MICROWAVE. Always use hot pads to remove cookware from stovetop or oven. This cookware is heavy – please handle with care.
CARE AND CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Rinse in hot water after each use. Scrub with a good brush to remove burned on food particles. Avoid using harsh detergents as they remove the seasoning from the cookware. Make sure you thoroughly dry before storing. NEVER PUT IN A DISHWASHER.
FOR BEST RESULTS: Re-season your cookware regularly. To season the pan, coat the entire surface of the pan (inside and outside) with any kind of vegetable oil, spray, or melted solid shortening. Use a cloth of paper towel to spread the oil. Heat your oven to 300-degrees Fahrenheit and place the pan inside for about one hour. Remove the pan from the oven and allow to cool. Wipe away any excess oil and store safely.

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