Original Danish Dough Whisk. Large Premium Stainless Steel for Artisan Baking. Great for Bread, Pizza, Pastry. Dutch style whisk excellent choice over blender, mixers or hooks. By Bakers Guild Tools.

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  • ✓ SMALL SURFACE AREA REDUCES STRESS: THE BAKERS GUILD DOUGH WHISK HAS ONLY 5% OF THE SURFACE AREA OF A STANDARD MIXING SPOON, it mixes faster, requires less force, combines ingredients more evenly, and doesn't overwork the dough in the process. As a result it transfers less stress and fatigue to your hands and wrists.
  • ✓ MIXING INGREDIENTS: MIXES BOTH DRY AND WET DOUGH VERY QUICKLY, THOROUGHLY AND WITH LESS EFFORT. The flow-through design of this dough mixer allows dry dough mix to pass through three loops in succession, quickly mixing the ingredients. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • ✓ MIXING DOUGH: ONCE YOU ADD YOUR LIQUIDS the large handle provides excellent leverage and control of the dough
  • ✓ SAVES TIME AND IS FUN: MIXES 3X TIMES FASTER than a regular spoon. Give it a try! Baking is soul satisfying.
  • ✓ QUALITY MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION: MADE OF UNYIELDING METAL, so it won't bend when preparing a thicker dough. Basically, it's an alternative to everything you have in your drawer that didn't work perfectly on bread dough, batters and mixes.

"Great product - I will never make dough the old way again!" W.T. September, 2016

"Super Duper" K.M. September, 2016

"One Of My Most Used Baking Utensils" O.F September, 2016

 ★ 100% food safe: The wooden handle is made of beechwood and is first treated with 100% tung oil followed by a light coating of shellac.

 ★ The Dutch Secret: The secret of the Danish Dough Whisk is the three circular hardened stainless steel loops of different diameters that are in three separate planes, one behind the next. We use our whisk every week.

 ★ What do you need to mix? Sourdough starter - perfect! What do you need to bake? New York Times No-Knead Bread...Perfect! The Danish Dough Whisk grows in popularity every day - social proof of its effectiveness.

 ★ This is an excellent example of 'Design as Function'. For Bakers, the Danish Dough Whisk will quickly become one of the most useful tools they own.

 ★ Can't I just use a Spoon? Of course you can! However, the large surface area of spoons and spatulas often drag through thick dough. Sturdier than many flat whisks, the dough whisk offers the advantage of an extruded shape for greater mixing leverage.

 ★ The Bakers Guild Tools Danish Dough Whisk also avoids introducing too much air into the mixture as traditional whisks or beaters may.

 ★ If you are an avid baker, this is a utensil that will prove invaluable for your kitchen endeavors!

 ★ Standard Equipment for home, artisanal and professional bakers.

 ★ Another name for this tool is "Brotpisker" (from the German word for bread or 'Brot' and the Danish 'pisker' for whipper.)


 ★ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We stand by our products.

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