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Osaka 4 Cup (20oz/600ml) Cold Brew Coffee Dripper, Adjustable Dripper with Glass Carafe "Mount-fuji"

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  • Create a delicious cold brewed coffee, with this slow extract process, that guarantees much lower acidity than regular coffee. Takes about 3-4 hours for the full 4 cups.
  • Optimized for ultimate control and full flavor. Adjustable dripper lets you control the quality of the coffee.
  • Plastic top chamber and glass carafe, ensure cold fresh tasting coffee. The stainless steel filter will leave you with a clear ground free cup.
  • 600ml capacity produces 4 (5oz) coffee cups. You can use it for tea as well.
  • Create a delicious coffee like a pro, with our detailed instructions and tips.
Get the perfect brew with Osaka.
Brewing coffee is an art form, and it can be pretty challenging. We at Osaka would like to help you up your coffee game. If you follow our instructions and tips, and with some practice, you should be brewing the perfect cup of coffee in no time. Impress yourself and your guests with an awesome tasting coffee every time.

Mount Fuji is our Cold Brew Coffeemaker.

The top chamber is made of high durable plastic designed to keep your brew as cold as possible. The carafe is made from quality glass so you can store your brew in the fridge for later consumption.
The stainless steel filter is reusable, and will not rob you of essential oils like a paper filter does, and results in a richer better tasting coffee. No need for disposable paper filters, this filter will result in a clear fresh coffee.
The adjustable dripper gives you full control over the quality of your coffee. Please note is normal to have to adjust the dripper about halfway through the brewing process, as the water level lowers it starts dripping slower.
The carafe holds up to 4 (5 oz)cups of coffee.
"Osaka"what does it mean?
Osaka, is a large city on the Japanese island of Honshu, and is known for its modern architecture, boisterous nightlife and delicious coffee shops. We were inspired by their coffee brewing techniques, and from that "Osaka Coffee" was born. Every one of our products will look good enough to display, and will perform better than anything else. If you are not yet in love with the process of coffee-making, be prepared to be infatuated.