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Salad Servers, Salad Hands, Kitchen Tongs for Cooking Multifunctional Set of 2 - 11 Inch. Bonus- ebook «Top 10 best recipes for salads and fruit salads» by GET & COOK

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  • HIGH QUALITY FOOD MATERIAL: Our kitchen tongs are made of PP 5 food plastic. It is solid and widely used in various kitchen utensils, even toddler tableware. PP 5 is suitable for all products except alcohol and fats, which lets you use our tongs for most dishes. The device we are offering is collapsible, so it is very convenient to transport it if you want to travel with your kitchen utensils. This feature is possible because of the unique flexibility of the material used in our food pliers.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONALITY: Our tongs have a wide functionality. Many people tend to use kitchen tongs mainly for vegetables like onions, squash, eggplants, asparagus, green and French beans. However, our tongs are suitable for a wide number of dishes including bakery, chicken drumsticks, pasta, cupcakes, bacon, clams, melon, BBQ, spaghetti, pastry, sauce, noodle, canapés, sliced fruit, salad tongues, appetizers, snacks, and even apple jam. Toast your products and you can even use them as a spatula.
  • EASY USE: Easy use is, probably, the largest competitive advantage of our tongs. Of course, it is not the only product of this kind available on the utensils market. However, most of analogues are rather complex and, as a result - inconvenient in use. For example, many manufacturers offer their customers stainless and wooden tongs, while tongs with nylon heads and ends or rubber tips are quite popular as well. Yet, our plastic tongs have proven to be much more reliable.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: It is extremely easy to clean our kitchen tongs. That is one of their greatest advantages compared to other similar devices. For example, bamboo and wooden tongs are inconvenient because you have to spend a lot of time to clean them by hand. Our tongs are made of high quality safe green plastic. It means that you can wash them either in a dishwasher or by hand because tongs have only two details, a simple and unique locking allows you to clean each of their details separately.
  • EASY PURCHASE AND STORAGE: Most people agree that easy storage is extremely important for every product. Today we don't want to visit shops to buy various household goods. Most of them are available on the Internet. The same applies to our kitchen tongs. You can order them on this website and receive your order within the shortest time. The storage of our tongs is also extremely convenient due to their shape and design.

The best Solution for your Kitchen

How to choose the right device for your kitchen?

The answer is quite simple. All you need to do is buy our kitchen tongs. It suits perfectly for situations when you need to fill a bowl with salad. It also can be used as a salad chopper, shooter, or for salad express. You can use it in your own kitchen, in a camping, or at work (in case you are a cook). The details of our kitchen tongs are angled, they are all clad and have free BPA. The device has an auto lock that makes it extremely convenient. They are heat resistant, have good grips and a gravity lock. They are much better than no rust, nylon, rubber, teal, metal, disposable, scissor style, copper, oblong, claw, clamshell and nonstick tongs. They are perfect for mixing bowls and barbecue,serving for mix salads. You can use them as a grill turner. They will be an important part of your feeding kitchen collection. Use our tongs for various dishes and picnics. Our tongs are fancy. They are colorful and can be a perfect decorative element. Our tongs are the best gadgets for your fiesta. They are a perfect kitchen tools brush, buffet, and catering utensil. Our kitchen tongs can be used as a steak turner or to pick up cubes slices. With these tongs the present serve of your dishes will be simple. They have anti-slip handles. Our kitchen tongs have good grips. That makes them much handier than stainless steel and nonstick kitchen tongs. They are heat resistant. It can be really helpful when you toss salad in mixing bowls, handle fish, chicken and meat dishes. It can even be used as a perfect spoon and fork decor for your kitchen.

Why trust us? The answer is quite simple as well. Our company uses only the finest quality materials in its production.

Buy our kitchen tongs right now!We offer you a perfect kitchen device for a compatible price, so why not order it right now?

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