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Salad To-go Container with Locking Lid Tabs

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  • PORTABLE 4 PIECE SALAD BOWL SET: Enjoy Your Lunch Everywhere. Made from BPA-free material--safe and non-toxic. Be healthy. Bring a salad with you on the go. Freezable tray keeps your salad, toppings and dressing cold.
  • 3 COMPARTMENT TOPPING TRAY: The compact travel bowl has three distinct parts: a large bowl for salad greens, a toppings tray with multiple compartments, and a dressing container; also included are a freezable gel tray to keep ingredients chilled and a handy reusable fork. Allows You Mix and Match Fresh Topping, Dressing and Salad Everywhere.
  • A DRESSING CUP WITH LID: Fill with Your Favorite Salad Dressing and Stay Healthy. Dressing container with screw top keeps dressing fresh until you're ready to add it. 4 cup salad bowl. Freezer veggie tray. Separate dressing container that fits into tray. Domed cover with locking tabs to keep lid secure. Detachable fork sits securely on top of cover.
  • LOCKING-TOP SALAD BOWL LID: Locking tabs keep the bowl's contents secure in your bag or as you race to grab a seat next to the president during lunchtime in the Oval Office. Keeps Your Dressing and Topping in Place on the go 6.25"DIA. Top lid has locking tabs to keep lid secure. Dishwasher-Safe, Freezer-Safe.
  • A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle by carrying your healthy salad wherever you go using our salad container. Large salad bowl with separate ingredient compartments.

It's silly to spend so much money on salads for lunch every day. You know you can make a better one at home--the problem is transporting it in something other than a bulky (yet somehow also flimsy) plastic whatever-ware container. Luckily, there's a better way! With this Salad To-Go Container, you can bring your salad to work or wherever you need to go and maintain its freshness. The bottom bowl holds your main greens, while multiple top compartments keep various smaller toppings fresh until you're ready to mix them in. There's also a separate dressing container and a clip-on plastic fork. Easily washed and durable, this bowl is the way salad should be carried in the 21st century.


  • Brand Name: TrendyHomeGoods
  • Item Type: Food chopper
  • Colour: Green / White
  • Cup Bowl Size: 6.25

How to use this salad bowl to go?

The portable salad bowl kit consists of a bowl for lettuce or spinach, a locking lid for preventing spills, a separate dressing container, and a 3 compartment tray for toppings. You can have sauce or any sort of dressing for your salad, different veggies and fruits and all of that in a bowl with a lid, which guarantees no spills. 3 compartment tray means you can have your salad fresh and dry at any time. Tastes won't mix and therefore you can enjoy healthy & tasty salad.

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