SubZero STEEL Whiskey Rounds Solid Stainless Steel Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones - Set of 6 - Whiskey Chillers - Wine Chillers - Alcohol Ice Cubes - Whiskey Stones

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  • ✔ Highest quality stainless steel bullet shaped whiskey stones on the market. Made out of food grade 304 solid stainless steel, these bullets chill your drink more effectively than standard metal ice cubes and look better than your average sipping stones!
  • ✔ Absolutely no dilution. Why compromise the taste of your expensive liquor with ice cubes that melt?
  • ✔ Each bullet was designed and milled in the USA. Do not risk buying fake stainless steel ice cubes or cheap whiskey stones from China that may contain toxic gel or chemicals inside.
  • ✔ Most other stainless steel ice cubes are hollow, reducing their cooling capacity. SubZero STEEL's bullet shaped whiskey stones are made of 100% solid stainless steel.
  • ✔ Designed to cool your drink quickly and keep it cold for hours.
SubZero STEEL Stainless Steel Six-Shot Bullet Shaped Whiskey RoundsTM

These stainless steel bullet shaped whiskey stones are designed to keep your beverage chilled for several hours.

After keeping these bullets in your freezer for 2-3 hours, they are ready to chill your drink in seconds, with zero dilution or loss of flavor.

What's Included

- 6 x Solid Stainless Steel Whiskey RoundsTM

- 1 x Novelty Storage Box

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