Teabloom NEW French Press 34 oz, All Glass Body Tea and Coffee Press, Stainless Steel Tea & Coffee Maker (Black)

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  • French Press: Brews 1 liter or 34 fl. oz. of the best tasting coffee or tea, allowing the fullest flavor extraction from the coffee or tea.
  • Black French Press: Easy to clean all glass body French Press Coffee Maker, stainless steel filter, and silicone base, all parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Coffee Press: Always use coarse ground coffee in a french press, (1 to 3 tablespoons per mug 300ml). Secondary filter inside the lid, turn the lid to close the spout and retain heat, turn back to pour and filter out any stray grind.
  • Tea Press: You can also use this french press to make loose leaf tea, or blooming tea. It is ideally suited as it has the all glass body to be able to see your fine teas and blooming teas as they steep. Teabloom flowering teas not included.
  • Stable Coffee Tea Press: A 400 degree heat resistant and high quality silicone base to protect your table and give you a soft and spill-resistant landing.
The Paris French Press This Black French Press Brews the tastiest tea and coffee and gives a bold look and presence to your table top. That's the Paris French coffee press and tea maker by Teabloom. A uniquely designed and crafted red French coffee press with fine all glass construction makes for a wonderful table top coffee and tea making experience. What is a French Press? Commonly known as a 'French Press', this piston-style of manual coffee making is perhaps the best way to make rich, full-flavored coffee. By allowing coarse ground coffee (the grind you should always use in a French press) to infuse completely with the entire body of hot water over a few minutes; the flavors and oils extracted from the grounds in this process offer a true coffee taste unmatched by any other style of brewing. Features The Paris French Press offers a dual filter system, with the main press being one, and another one in the lid as well. That will retain heat and allow for better flavor for your coffee or tea. The PARIS French press coffee and tea maker is truly a great French press, backed by our Lifetime Warranty! This press is designed for lovers, connoisseurs, and purists of perfect, rich, and flavorful Coffee and Tea. The PARIS French press is dishwasher safe, uses no electricity, and is easy to rinse and clean, and uses absolutely no paper filters! Warranty Please contact Teabloom through Amazon email for any questions or concerns. You can also contact the Manufacturer directly or visit their website for replacement beakers or any quality or coffee/tea making questions.

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